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cPanel Hosting Services

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1. What is cPanel?

cPanel is a popular control dashboard for the hosted website where your website and server management tasks can be done easily. With cPanel you can easily manage your website and hosting. Domain names management, email accounts creation, file management, installations and updates are made easy with cPanel’s simple graphical interface, where complex tasks are performed easily.

cPanel is a user-interface that simplifies the complicated system for developers and average users. It helps you manage your web hosting via a simple, non-technical dashboard. with this you can access important hosting features and configurations that would otherwise need technical knowledge.

cPanel provides the navigation, buttons, links, and graphics required to make hosting and file management more understandable.

cPanel Hosting

The followings are the some of the features that you can manage on the cPanel:

1. Files management in your server
2. Domain and subdomain creation and management.
3. Databases creation and management.
4. Install web applications
5. Set up preferences
6. Passwords and security
7. Set up email modules
8. Software installation (like installing WordPress)
9. User management


2. cPanel Hosting Type

Shared cPanel hosting - This is the most affordable option that lets you host multiple websites on the same server and share resources with other users.

Dedicated cPanel hosting - This is a private server where you won’t be sharing resources with other users and you have significant computing power and storage space.

VPS cPanel hosting - VPS (virtual private server) is a website hosting environment that allows for resources such as RAM and CPU to be dedicated to your account.

WordPress cPanel hosting - It can utilize any of the three hosting types mentioned above with another benefit of being fully optimized to run websites built using the WordPress content management system.

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